Hey! I'm Tina Shoulders.

Designer, Creative Technologist, Diversity Advocate

I am a creative technologist with over 15 years experience spearheading teams in the design and execution of programs and technology that advocate for equity in education, health and design.

My super power is creating innovative projects and building relationships. I'm a serial entrepreneur that has used storytelling to gain support and buy-in for new projects and ideas. I've supported many launches by hosting events to build community. 

Human centered design with a focus on diversity and equity is where I have been channeling my energy for over a decade. I love people and the diversity of our experiences and have learned how to do the research and ask the questions to put that in every product story I work on. My creativity has loaned itself to marketing campaigns, experiential events, and even ghost- writing for brands on social media.

In addition to getting a formal degree I have spent years of hacking my education, teaching my self to code to support projects and teams I was interested in designing or doing product management for. I studied U/X design to support my formal graphic and CAD design education. I've also studied communication and presentation to support the storytelling for projects. 

I'm simply a designer and storyteller looking for opportunities to design beautiful products and or experiences that support all voices being heard. When I am not knee deep in creating I am being bossed around by a funny and creative 5 year old and sharing memes and working story arcs for a podcast in development with my college aged son... Life is pretty damn good!

Let's work together!