• ProjectNoireCare

  • DateJuly 2016

  • CategoryDesign

  • RoleFounder, Web Designer, Editor

Question: How do we empower Black women to live longer by evangelizing radical self care?

Task: Design a platform that answers the question “What have you done for you lately?”

Journey: I polled 200 women using a form (online) and in person interviews to ask them their thoughts on self care, what it looks like and where they could grow in the area. The overwhelming answer was that many women did not know what self care looks like because they had barely witness the women in their families taking a time out to do more than their hair.

Goal: Build a platform and community that supports and encourages self care by witnessing others in action.

Concepts, questions, ideation

Phase 1: Decide what the platform looks like, surveys showed most women I spoke to used mobile more than web however the goal was to be very inclusive since we were designing for the “family” and make sure their were very little barriers so we decided on web based that was designed reactive. We found a driving quote and question and proceeded to see what the user journey should look like. How much was too much and how we can simply ship.

Mobile concept using rich beautiful images.

Phase 2: Build out platform that was visually rich so that the users could see and identify with one another and do formal Q&A that answered 5 simple questions that our testers wanted answers too.

Phase 3: Use IG to support the stories and find more users to share their experiences.

Final Outcome: We had over 200k page views first month