Game Design for Teen Health Center

  • ClientSt. Barnabas Hospital Teen Health Center

  • DateJanuary 2015 -June 2015

  • CategoryDesign

Problem: How do we change health outcomes for Bronx Teens and how do we get a better understanding of what education our teens need?

Task: Design a game that can pull data for healthcare providers to better understand where teens are lacking in  sexual  health knowledge.

Journey: We started by bringing in 10 teens who were Teen Health Center regulars and tossed the idea of designing a game for the health center and that could clear HIPPA laws. We had several days of video game play and ideation. Students shared that they played games primarily online and mobile. Many were into trivia game play and puzzles so we decided a trivia design would be our direction

Phase 1: We needed to have all players sign in with their age and zipcode at the vey least and needed to find the easies way to collect this info without violating privacy. At the time teens were at the tail end of using facebook so we used the facebook api and had it only collect age and zip code in addition to using gmail sign in since many students had gmail account set up for school.

Phase 2: We had to sit with doctors and medical staff to see what information they needed to help them better serve the community. We developed user journeys for the health center and pulled health data to develop a strategy for data collection that would inform the heath care professionals where their were deficiencies around ST knowledge and that led to the questions being designed

Phase 3: We had to find a way to to get the community of teens to buy in to playing the game. So we developed Crunchtime bucks and a leaderboard addition to the game. Digital bucks were sent to the students that could be used to collect prizes from the Health Center

Final Outcome: We had over 64k page views and several thousand regular players. The practitioners used the data to develop new ways to create campaigns and in-house initiatives to better support the community.