• ProjectTodayships

  • DateJune 2012- Jan 2014

  • CategoryBranding

  • RoleProject Manager, Lead Designer

Question: How can we help teens build their social capital and allow them to get a glimpse of creative fields that they are interested in.

Task: Create a low lift opportunity for both students and potential corporate partners that allows students an opportunity to make new connections and become exposed to new career opportunities.

Inspiration: Believing the adage that your network is your network I wanted to give a leg up to those students who might not have been able to go to a “bring a child to work day’ at a creative or corporate office and have the experience of visioning themselves anew.

Journey: Interviewed HS students to see what types of careers they were interested in, people they would like to meet, and companies they would love to visit. Once we had an an idea of the interests we had to get buy in from companies. The goal was to create a very low-lift experience for companies to give back to the community.

Todayships became “internships for a day.” The program design would be for students to look for opportunities on the days and times they were out of school. They would shadow a professional for a few hours and then leave.

The Design

The landing page had a feed that allowed students to see where their peers were spending their days, a space to sign in or create a profile.

The search function allowed you to search by category, day or opportunities to schedule a todayship.

Personal profiles curated a roadmap of the places students explored as well as feedback and or words of encouragement from the host.

Final Outcome: We had over 64k page views and several thousand regular players. The practitioners used the data to develop new ways to create campaigns and in-house initiatives to better support the community.